Uh oh – ST down already?

(Mweston) #1

My hub just went offline and when I go to the smartthings website it looks like this: http://cl.ly/image/372M2p2y2u0Y - Anyone else having trouble? Is it just me or are the Smartthings servers having a problem already?

(Gray) #2

The site is working for me.  It looks like they made some major changes to it.


Is it back up for you now?

(Mweston) #3

Site went back up shortly after this post. I contacted support and they said there was something wrong on their end and it should be fixed in a few hours and it was, hub appears to be working ok now.

(Cory S) #4

As a new company they probably still have some change management, review, and approval processes to workout.

(Mweston) #5


(Cory S) #6

Technology teams in corporate companies have what is called different variations of “Change Management” Where an Engineer documents a change he’d like to make and submits it to a review board which is represented by all the different impacted departments and they determine if the change is likely to have any negative impact to their systems.