Ugh few questions (hue)

so after all my “I never have problems” I have noticed some issues recently. I have a trigger in smart lights to turn on a light when the door is opened. The door was opened but no lights… i opened and closed the door a few times and no go.

I went to look at events in ide and this light had not had any event for 5 hours. I was sure it should have had some events over that 5 hour period. I decided to reboot the ST hub and once i rebooted i tried to open the door and the light came on as it should.
last night i noticed a light that was on and looked over at smarttiles and it showed the light was off. so i clicked the tile on and back off and the light went off.
all that being said these are lights connected to a hue hub then ST. oddly enough I never had these issues when the bulbs were connected directly to ST. The only reason I moved them to hue hub was because it seemed i had more functionality when the internet was out.
I am wondering if I should move the bulbs back over to ST

I’ve been having this same problem for a few days now. I started moving my bulbs over to my hue bridge when ST was melting down.

I have the that are acting really bad.

Two of them do this… Turn on in ST app or via Alexa. The light turns on and is fully controllable. After about 30 seconds to a minute they suddenly show as off in the app. But they are on and still controllable by Alexa. The third one does the same thing, but the bulb actually turns off.
The bulbs also show as unreachable in the hue app.

These bulbs are GE link bulbs. One of them is the new daylight bulb.

I’ve tried resets and ask kinds of things, even changing the dth over and over.

So far, the only thing I have found to fix this problem is this…

  • remove the bulb
  • install the bulb in the GE link travel box. The same one it came in.
  • put the box in your truck
  • go on the lightbulb field trip to home depot.
  • return them. Get s store credit gift card, since you probably don’t have the box or the receipt.
  • buy the Phillips white bulbs
  • go home, install, and be mesmerized
  • enjoy your new awesome bulbs

Brand and model of the bulbs?

@bamarayne is correct these are ge links. i just found it odd that i had no issues until i moved them to hue. I think I may move them back then decide what next step will be. I only paid 5 bucks for them they are floods.

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GE Links have a known firmware issue where they may occasionally lose track of the network. Nothing to do with SmartThings–take ST out of the picture entirely and it can still happen. Much discussion both in this forum and on pretty much every home automation forum there is. This is the reason for the yellow ! On the Hue Bridge. ( it’s also the reason why the GE links are not on SmartThings official compatibility list.)

It’s not every bulb every time, but it happens often enough to be noticeable. Last year I had 8 GE links and whether they were on the Hue bridge or connected to SmartThings directly at least one of them became uncontrollable every two or three weeks. (This was very noticeable to me because I have to have someone else physically deal with it.) We switched over to the $15 Hue whites attached to the Hue Bridge once those became available and never had any problem with those.

Some people will never see the problem, some will see it every couple of weeks, it’s just random. But it’s real. See the following for the least annoying ways of fixing the problem when it does occur: