Hue Problems in the passed month or so (May 2019)

i have had hue and ST a long time with very little problems but it seems that for the past month or so. some of my automation aren’t working. IE

  1. open a door lights aren’t triggered by door opening. I can go into hue and turn them on.
  2. Some bulbs show unavailable in smart things but “sometimes” i can still turn them on.
    3 automation to turn lights on at sunset either do not come on at all or come on and are set at 10%
    its really a bunch of odd stuff i could probably list many issues.

any suggestions?
on a side note if i reset my ST hub will I lose any of the settings or devices?


May or may not be the same thing, but every now and then I have similar problems with lights not being available to ST and/or automation not working. For me, however, it’s not with Hue bulbs but with Osram (I’ve only recently added some Hue to my system and none are part of an automation). I periodically unplug my ST hub for about a minute, plug it back in, and all is well again. This does not cause me to lose any settings, smart apps, devices, etc.

Annoying issue, but unplugging the hub seems to reliably fix the issue.

@Cino. I had a similar problem. In your Hue app go to lighting setup and see if it is showing bulbs randomly showing as unreachable. This is what mine was doing. Moving the hub two feet further from my router completely resolved the issue. Turns out it was interference with the router.


Incredible…I was going nuts trying to get the lights back to my normal…thanks for your share of information…