Ugh! Custom Location Modes in New App

I built a routine to auto-arm my SHM at night.

But, we have a dog. Sometimes that means we need to let her out in the middle of the night.

I then built a routine that when we turn on the backyard lights, it puts it into “Night Break” mode and disarms.

The problem is that it’s only supposed to do this if the system is in “Night” mode, which works in the classic app.

With the new app you’re not able to include a location mode in the “if” section AND the “then” section (even if it’s in a scene). At this point I’m stuck in the classic app due to this.

Any ideas?

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submit it as a feature request to and let the dev team know you want it.

BTW This is LITERALLY the #1 requested feature for the new automations on this thread right now:


I was trying similar. I second your request…and everyone else’s.

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