Temporary stop of night routine?

(Dan Carter) #1

Is there a way to temporarily stop my night routine where my alarm is activated overnite? Te reason being is my inlaws stay some overnites and I don’t want to delete the routine or stay up until smh arms the house and stay up late to disarm it

(Jimmy) #2

How is it currently being armed? Time? Presence? Luminance?

(Dan Carter) #3

Armed by time

(Mark) #4

Do you use location modes? In general, I mean, not necessarily for this automation.

(Dan Carter) #5

Yes I use locations but smh arms regardless of locations

(Bob Kerr) #6

Just create an “inlaws” mode and restrict your routine to “don’t automatically do this…” in the inlaws mode.

(Dan Carter) #7

Sounds good. Where would the mode be located?

(Mark) #8

It used to be possible to add/change modes in the ST mobile app. But they removed that feature from the app.

Now you have to login to the IDE.

They seem to enjoy making core features of the hub and automations more of a PITA for us to access, I guess.

(Dan Carter) #9

When you say mode you mean armed(away) disarmed and armed(stay) that type of mode?

(Mark) #10

No. Those are smart home monitor armed states.

Location modes are “home,” “away, “night,” etc. Those are default modes, it’s possivle to add others as I mentioned.

(Dan Carter) #11

Found it. Whats the easiest way to activate that mode?

(Mark) #12

You can create routines that change the mode to home, guest, etc. One routine per mode change, that is.

Then you can trigger the routines manually in the mobile app, or with a button controller, etc. Whatever works for you.