Two years since Sonos interface released

And what do we have now?

There was so much potential.

At least at the Harmony site they have a FAQ which addresses some of the issues:

I wonder if the dogs are still barking at Alex on the CES 2015 stage? @slagle any updates on the TTS work?

I don’t have Sonos, but let me guess… the initial SmartThings integration is half baked, and has received no love since… much like locks, Hue, and much of everything else advertised as supported?

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Ongoing :smile:

Work is being done. I’ll try and get the latest update soon.


I have to agree, I’m a big fan of Sonos and Smartthings and I think there’s a lot of potential there, I’m more than willing to help test/report issues/even write a little code here and there, what needs to happen to get this back on track?


Shameless plug for BigTalker (Community Forum Post (clickable link))

Release Version 1.1.3 -

Latest Beta release as of this post (which I encourage as it has several bug fixes, new features):

Note there may still be a textToSpeech() (TTS) issue on the SmartThings platform/backend. My experience has been much better lately, but others report problems. I’ve written a detection into BigTalker for when SmartThings isn’t able to convert text to speech and use that detection to notify you via the SmartThings app of your event text and failure to speak.