Two way audio for outdoor


Are you aware of any device (that may or may not integrate with ST) that will allow you to speak and listen to someone that is next to your front door?

I do have Blink cameras that will alert me upon movement and a samsung multisensor that will alert a knock on the door.

I do not want to spend $$$$ on Ring/Skybell devices - just need to have the ability to have 2 way audio.



All Nest Indoor and Outdoor cameras

There are lots of different two-way intercom devices, it depends on the exact features you need.

When you talk about ring or skybell or nest, in addition to The video they have two features which distinguish them from traditional intercom devices.

One) they are handsfree for the person coming to the door. They don’t have to push a button, they just talk.

Two) the resident can use their phone rather than having to use a separate intercom device.

Do you need those two features? Or are you just looking for a traditional audio intercom where the person outside pushes a button to talk, and the person inside is using a specific intercom device?

The following is a typical old fashion two way audio doorway intercom. But it requires that the person push a button and it only works between those two devices.

Kuna porch lights

Handheld radios. One in a cradle by the front door

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Thanks for your input!

I am looking for a device that I can use an app so even when I am away from the house I can still talk to the person next to my main Door.

As I already have a camera I am not looking for something expensive or with a monthly subscription.

Do you need it to be hands-free for the person standing at the door, or is it OK if they have to push a button?

Probably hands free. If a person knocks on the door I would like to be able to ask him her what they want.

I use the Ring Pro Doorbell. Get it and move your existing camera elsewhere.

If you want it to be totally hands-free and you want it to communicate with your phone, then as others have said you really just need to look at one of the video doorbells or security cameras that have an audio feature. And move your existing camera somewhere else. I’m not aware of any completely hands free audio devices that fit this use case. There are some where they push a button that would cost significantly less than the ones that also have a camera, but they aren’t hands-free.

Or you can wait until Amazon comes up with an outdoor version of the dot. The way they’ve been going with devices lately, it could be anytime now. :wink:

Got it. Thanks a lot for your help!

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