2-Way Audio, **No Camera**

Hello all. I am new to Smart Things community. I am looking for a 2-way audio device. I have seen all kinds of options like doorbells or cameras that offer 2-way communications. However, for my application, I am hoping to find a device that is audio only, just a speaker and a mic. Something that can be used for audio communication only, with no camera.

Has anybody seen anything like this?

Basically if I was away, I could pull up an app, push-to-talk into my phone app, my words would play over the speaker at home, and I could then listen for audio. Oddly enough, I want to make sure there is no camera connected. Might seem like a strange request, but I do thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Smart home intercom app with no video

For example:
Say I wanted to talk to my wife while I was at the office and she was taking a bath at home.

I would not want that live streaming on my work PC or even to my phone screen; might end up in HR!! :smiley:

On the other hand, if it was audio only, nobody at my office would be concerned.

This is just an example, but the requirement I am trying to meet is two-way audio, audio only, no camera.

Thanks again.

Alexa with drop-in?


Something in my head says this doesn’t sound quite right —> talking to your wife in the bathroom by audio (speakers?) while the coworkers are listening.

This is what I was going to say

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Haha never know who is lurking!! LOL
(in reply to jkp)
(See also, “for example”) :wink:

Alexa with drop in!! Thank you!!! (Especially for those of you who took my question seriously and didn’t take the made up example as a way to try to speak against me) hahaha

Any other ideas are also appreciated.

If you need another (made up) example:
I work in a high-security government facility where cameras are not allowed.
… etc etc

Thanks all.

Alexa drop-in is probably the best solution. Alternatively, You could use a camera with lens cover

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