Cameras with 2 way voice control?

I’m hoping someone can help. I’m new to Smart Things and I’m looking for an outdoor camera with:

2 way audio
Ability to be activated and record because of motion, or because a a ST doorbell has been pressed
Ability to call me on my cell phone to activate 2 way voice

Does this exist or does anyone have any ideas on how to make this happen?


Mobotix t25 or S15 family.

Expensive and complicated but complete and robust systems.

Ring pro if you can tolerate cloud recording.

I like my Kuna so far.

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How is the latency? Are you able to access the two way voice in the ST Smartapp or how do you control?

There is a small delay, but it’s manageable. I’ve used the alarm part more than anything else to scare away some kids from hanging out on my deck. During the day the video quality is awesome. At night, it really depends on how lit your area is. Even with that said, I have no problem seeing someone walk up to my front door at night. It’s in sale at Amazon for $139. New model with HomeKit is coming out soon which I imagine why the current model is on sale. I like it for what it does and it serves its purpose. I plan to stick a motion sensor outside my door to test which one lets me know someone is at my door faster, ST or Kuna.

Let me know your results on that test! Latency seems to be the biggest problem right now.