Two smart displays @Best Buy $100 (January 28, 2020)

Echo Show 8 (2 pack)

Or …

Google Home Hub 7” (2 pack)

Additional colors available… I only posted one color of each


Those deals are really good, considering the normal price of the products are higher than the deal price. :+1:

Thanks @jkp - great deal on the Show 8 at $50 a piece. Time to finally upgrade my 1st Gen Echo in the Kitchen!

They are coming up at $100 each for me. Am I missing something?

the offer was for one day only :slight_smile:

Limited time deal. That is why I put the date in the header of the thread :slight_smile:

FUDGE!!! wish I saw this yesterday.

Got two for sweet 16… ( well I paid part with Gift card :slight_smile: )