Two Houses 1 Smart lock app

Hi There,
I’d like some help here with Smart Lock app
I 've been using it with my first house/hub/Lock and still working flawlessly
Now I added a second house (location) with a second HUB and a lock paired with it.
But the Smart lock ONLY shows up for my first Lock (House/Hub).

Is this a limitation of the app, for one location only, or is there any way that I can add this great app to my second home/Lock as well?

Please any help will be appreciated

Not quite sure I understand your scenario…

  • A SmartApp instance must live in a particular Location (i.e., be associated with a specific Hub).
  • Some stuff like Amazon Alexa do not work well with multiple Locations under the same SmartThings Account.
  • But most SmartApps can be installed to each specific Location just fine: Just be sure to select the correct Location using the dropdown in the SmartThings Classic App first.


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I have 4 locations, 3 have smart locks in ST. But like @tgauchat was saying I still have to use the top left menu in the ST classic app to switch locations before I can see the smart lock and app at the new location. Maybe your phone app is being buggy and needs a force quit or something?


Thank you guys for your quick response!

I definitely have a problem to install SmartApp SmartLocks in my second location…
When I switch to my second location, the SmartLock app features are not available for the lock…

Things that I’ll try an update later:
reinstall the SmartThings app on my phone
reinstall SmartLocks with both Locks/Location already installed

And if you have any other idea that I can try…please let me know

Thanks for your support!

Did you add the smartapp in your second location/hub?
What do you mean “reinstall smartlocks with both locks/location already installed”? You can’t have the locks installed to the same location if they’re on different hubs.


When you select the 2nd location in the mobile app, go back to the Marketplace / Safety and Security and install the Smart Locks SmartApp for the 2nd location.


You might also find the IDE a good way to see what is installed and configured in each specific Location.

Start at this URL, and drill down under the My Locations tab…

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Oh boy…that was it.
I tried this before but I only focused on the Big Red “Remove” button… which I did not want to use.
If there’s anyone as DUMB as I am…the solution is just to tap on “save” on the right upper corner, disregard the Remove button…

Many Thanks to all, you all were a fantastic support

Thanks again WB70