Web Services Smart App - 1 account & 2 Locations?



I have a smart app I’ve installed on my hub in my account, and a second location that is a parent’s hub that has been shared with me that I want to install the app on for them. The app just exposes an api. I can enter that secondary location from my account and install the app, and hit the api and it works fine. The moment I log out however the end point and token no longer works and I get an auth error. Everywhere else I installed the app the api is working fine. No problems.

Is this an issue with the fact I installed the same app in two locations?

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2


Each Location should have a separate AppId and access_token. If you are not using an access_token but rather the SmartThings Account Login, then the Login should be valid for all SmartApps in all Locations.

One Location cannot share a single SmartApp instance.

While it may not help a lot; I can say we have no trouble with SmartTiles v5 in multiple Locations (though we currently use access_tokens, not Account logins; probably will work with logins…).