Change ST Email account to not default Sansung Android for Multiple Hubs?

Hello. I am new to Smartthings, and i am a #afteriris user. With Iris what i am looking for was fairly easy, but i can not figure it out on ST.

I have a samsung phone, and my wife has a samsung phone. in fact my entire family have samsung phones. each of us have a different google account and different samsung account. We have 1 ST hub currently (with its own ST and Gmail acount), but ultimately we will have 7 hubs at 7 houses once we complete our Iris to ST migration. With the ST Connect app it automatically uses our phone account for the app, and does not allow us to put in a different account. With the Classic App we can select the select the email account for login. I guess my question is, what is the proper way to setup 7 hubs to use a “shared” account? (or 7 accounts linked together which ever is best). With the Classic App this seams easy, but it seems the new app will eventually replace classic soon? so we rather perform the migration on the long term supported app solution to avoid a second migration in the near future. This Iris migration sucks enough, we don’t want to go through it again.

With Iris this process was relatively easy, each of the 7 hubs has a different email address, and they all granted access to a single account to manage them. Everyone in my family would login to that single account and we could manage all 7 houses from a single application. we could switch houses/locations with ease and manage each home separately, but under a single account.

Since we are starting brand new, we can register all 7 hubs to a single email, or keep them separately. But we still need to find a way for multiple people to access a single shared account.

Honestly? Samsung really wants each person to use a single Samsung account for everything.

If you need to switch to your shared “Samsung for SmartThings Account”, then you’ll have to log out of Samsung on your phone and login again, and that will log you out of all the other Samsung services you are using (Cloud, browser, Galaxy Store?).

It is completely impractical, as far as I can tell.

What activities do you perform using the SmartThings App? If you just need “view and control of things”, then consider ActionTiles. There you can use one or many Accounts each or all pointing to one or many Locations (Hubs), completely mix and match Things on one or more dashboards (e.g…, you could have an overview dashboard showing important Things from all 7 Locations, and you could share limited control dashboards to the actual occupants of each house, etc…).

  1. from an IT security perspective shared accounts are just like Alton Brown’s opinion on stuffing turkeys - PURE evil and should always be avoided.

You avoid this in SmartThings by sharing the account with others and letting them login to your locations with thier own account. (the main Samsung ID they use on thier phone)

In classic its under the hamburger menu > manage users. In NewApp from teh main screen select members > add member from the hamburger menu.

So in Ops case I’d use the owner of a home tk setup the account and then share that account given the method above to anyone else who needs access. This may very well be the same 7 people repeatedly…

Alternatively you could have one account with seven locations and share to the other 6 people but creates a difficult situation if you need to prevent obe person form accessing a single location.