Hi, I’m missing an automation option that would allow me to change the source of TV to an app such as HBO MAX etc. or work with this state in general.

Welcome to the community. We would need a little more information to help you. Do you have a Smartthings hub? What model TV is it. What Is the source of your HBO, cable box, satellite etc. Do you have any Alexa devices? Please be more specific and explain what you have and exactly what you are trying to accomplish with what you have and someone will come along and help you if it’s possible.

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I dont think that option is available currently, i say think because Samsung roll out Tvs with various options all the time

But to date i have not seen it available anywhere, maybe its a privacy concern

It’s easy to do in most regions with an Amazon fire TV streaming box. (Changed my life, since as a person who is quadriparetic, I can’t use a button remote. )

But most smart televisions, regardless of brand, don’t have this option on their built in controllers.

So, yes, the exact set up matters unless you just want to add the Amazon device and use that. :sunglasses:

The exact options available do vary somewhat by service, so it still isn’t a universal control, but it’s way better than anything else I’ve seen.

(Note that the cube is described as “hands-free“ and the Amazon fire TV stick is not. That’s because the cube has some additional voice controlled scrolling options. And almost anything that can be voice controlled can be automated as well.)

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