Aqara hub m2 ir devices not showing in smartthings? Possible?

I just got an aqara hub m2 to use as ir sender in smartthings, but it the ir devices don’t show up in smartthings app. Is it possible?

aqara does not at present support IR devices via matter for the M2. :disappointed_relieved:
And they only support one air conditioner per hub for the M3.

The matter standard does allow up to three IR devices of multiple device classes, but so far only SwitchBot and the Nature Remo have implemented that.

You’d need to ask Aqara about their future plans. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Bummer😂 well then I have a new thing to play with… Ordered the Moe’s ir blaster. So now I have switchbot hub mini, broadlink, harmony and this aqara and not one of them does all the tings I want hehe. Cross my fingers for the Moe’s hub then. Thanks for the reply.


Works really well with this driver: