Tuya Zigbee RGB LED controller

Hello there
Im trying to get this thing to work on Smartthings and I now used a couple of days without getting it to work. I’ve read here: TuYa TS0503B control via MQTT | zigbee2mqtt.io
This is the info about the devide, but still I can’t get it to work.


That said - future direction for MQTT on SmartThings comes through Direct Connect devices. Ive never built one but the docs are here: SmartThings Developers | Documentation

Old style MQTT was handled with a SmartApp like the MQTT SmartBridge MQTT device publishing information to SmartThings - #4 by gcaley

Im not sure its need the MQTT - The device is just a Zigbee 3.0

I’ve had my eye on these, and found this discussion over at the Hubitat forums. Apparently ZLL compatible, so I was assuming it would work with a generic ZLL ST driver.

Did you ever have any success?