Tuya WiFi Temp Sensor via SmartLife Sending Updates

I have 2 Tuya wifi temp sensors that utilize the SmartLife app to interface with ST. They used to submit temp changes whenever a change of more than 3 degrees or so occurred. Now, they only update at midnight. There is no manual way yo adjust reporitng. This started a month or so ago with the latest ST app change.

Has anyone else encountered this?

You need to set up a refresh routine for these devices.

You may be able to do using ST routines, but most likely you will need to use webCore or SharpTools. Since webCore will go away with Groovy I would suggest using SharpTools.

Thanks for the tip. Tried Refresh() would not work – used Ping instead and it works fine (reserved ip, zero hops, device on USB power). Seems to have solved the issue.

Took a look at SharpTools, Seems to be more about interface than rules, but I will give it a try. Did a lot of intense automation with WebCore.

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SharpTools.io has both. :slight_smile:

As you noted, the Dashboard is more about visualization and interaction whereas the Rule Engine is more about automation. Some of our community uses just one or the other and many people use both. When used together, you can do cool things like execute rules directly from your dashboard or update variables in rules and have those show up in your dashboards.

Playing with it now, going through the WebCore scripts I created and trying to recreate them. I am impressed, only two issues so far and one already cured within the community.

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I think I just responded to the other one with a solution as well. :stuck_out_tongue: