Looking For An C/F Thermometer Tool

I have a WiFi Tuya thermometer that integrates into ST via Smart Life. It does this well and because I can plug the device in, I can have it report the temperature as often as needed.

The issue is that Smart Life keeps flipping from F to C, with no rhyme or reason – it just does it from time to time. Because I have automations that rely on temp reporting when it goes from one to the other, it shuts the automation down – ie I have a Lava Lamp that turns off at 74F, well when the temp is 23.3C it sees no need to turn it off.

I could easily write a script in WebCore to handle this, but I am trying to figure find an Edge tool to get the same result. I have a few virtual tools but I can’t figure a way to pass variables to it.

(BTW, yes I could just convert the whole thing to C, but the primary user of this does not understa nd C and it sends reports and displays that have to be in F.)