TUYA Wifi Light Integration?

Sorry so the Xiaomi lights you have are integrated into Smartthings?

yes yealight ones xiaomi Philips doesn’t work

Doesn’t look like Yeelight have GU10 unless I’m missing it.

no it does not IKEA has it send an link earlier I have tuya eywelink tp link xiaomi home aqara etc…

Yea I was more interested in a GU10 RGB - that’s the one I haven’t been able to find. Unless I cough up for a hue or lifx bulb but even the lifx GU10s seem to be very low supply and very costly.

if you want integration with smartthings use the IKEA rgb gu10 tradfri it simple easy and rock solid

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There is no RGB GU10 bulb in Ikea’s lineup from what I can see! I’m in the UK…

nope there is not that is why I bought the tuya ones got each one for 5 euros with shipping…

And the tuya ones are still working with Smartthings?

never did…
for me anyways i got no answer for you I very installed home assistant integrated everything with Google and put a tablet the tuya app and did some automation it is awfull the smartthings integration but for me it works I got 18 apps to manage… also I have nest and eywelink and sonoff and sonos so… it is quite the nightmare

LIFX makes a WiFi one, but it’s quite expensive. It works well with smartthings, though.

INNR makes a zigbee One that will connect directly to a smartthings hub and is a much more reasonable price.

Philips Hue has one, but you should use it with the Hue bridge as these don’t work well as zigbee repeaters with smart things and can mess up your network if you don’t use the bridge.

But all of this is getting pretty off-topic for this particular thread. So why don’t you start a new thread in devices and ask for recommendations on GU 10 RGB bulbs for the UK. :sunglasses:


Yes sorry about that - it has started to get off topic so I’ll start a new thread :slight_smile: thanks!

Tuya wifi devices, attleast most of them, can be flashed with tasmota for example. This gets rid of the silly tuya stuff.

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yes, and no.
so if you already have some Tuya based switch, you can deregister from your current tuya/smartlife account, and then register them into Global suite, and so you can add them into SmartThings, the issue though is on SmartThings, it would show the devices offline the whole time, but you can still control them with no issues.

Interesting. I think as a UK person looking for smart devices anything based on Tuya/Smart Life is best avoided as you will either not be able to integrate with ST or you will with issues like you point out. I’ll focus on everything else which can integrate directly or via another platform which can connect to ST.

I totally agree as a Canadian. I bought some Geeni brand light bulbs for $5 each from Walmart before I know more about the tech. so I am glad I can integrate them into SmartThings for things, but i would definitely avoid any WiFi cloud based devices from now on, especially those servers from China. ZigBee or z-wave with local control is just always better.

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Long as the device is in Alexa you can make a Alexa virtual switch and link both together that way. Thats what I did ti link my aromatherapy diffuser to smartthings. Not the regular virtual switch specifically the Alexa virtual Switch.

I have only Google Home/Nest devices. I can’t use a work-around that requires Alexa.

I would highly suggest Alexa