TUYA Wifi Light Integration?

Has anyone been successful in integrating a TUYA Wifi Smart LED light with SmartThings. These are fairly cost effective lights and moould love to see the integration. They do integrate with Alexa.

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Interested in this too…

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Can someone write integration?
Thank you

Would very much appreciate this Tuya intergration too!

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Very much interested in it. Will be great if someone can build this integration.

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Apparently these LEDs support Smart life App.

Looking at this link, if you want to link them via IFFT, its do’able.

Wish I knew enough to code and make a smart app for them though. really decent price, and quite good reviews! Think I may have to try a set!

Wondering if there’s any movement on this…?

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ditto. This would be a great integration to have, particularily since the TUYA bulb I purchased does not integrate with IFTTT.

I would certainly like to see an app too…these lights are fantastic for the money and if the app was available i would buy more of these lights…would save the need to go and buy another hub.

Please please please, it is the season to be merry lol

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I have managed to integrate with IFFT and use a new phone app to drive the light which is smartlife, it found the light very easily. I am now looking to write my own smartapp for this light and it has an ip address, i am not sure on how to start writing the app, as i want smarthings to not look within itself but to the network i am connected and then i can tell it the address and hey presto should work?

Any help appreciated.

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Is there any improvement on this, or still IFTTT only?

I found this:

but i don’t really know how to make use of it…

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I’m playing with it now. Got a plug to work so far. The previous node.js written was for an old version of codetheweb. Updating it now.

However this will require an always running server of some sort (RASPI, Windows, Linux) to monitor and send commands to the Tuya device. Anyone still interested?

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I’m still interested! I have an always on RasPi anyway.

It’s weird I had Cree lights in and I replace them with these teckin lights… I sent a Teckin lights up using smart Life… But I didn’t take the lights out of my SmartThings app… But they still controlled the lights even with the new teckin lights in. I guess it fooled them to think they were still the Cree lights. Stupid me I took him out of SmartThings and can’t get it back in. I guess I could put a Cree light in and switch it out again if I wanted to. So the app can control them

There are a few forks (including one I modified) that work with Tuya now. Only the plugs though. Working on the multi plug + USB power strip. (other topic)

The Tuya lights, no go yet. (I don’t own one)

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@ecallegari I was trying to get the TuyaSmartThings integration working, but it appears your repo only contains the device handler and not the service manager? So since there is no smart app I can’t add it inside the smart things app once I’ve added it in the developer portal under handlers. Am I just missing something?

No problem. You will need to create a new device of this type and fill in the preferences. You’ll need to do it through the smartthings web portal (hopefully this link works):


Not sure if that answers your question?

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Where I can find a link with the integration? I’m interested to test it with a SmartLife Switch.
Thank you.


As of November 15th 2019 there’s no ability to add a Tuya device to SmartThings and there’s no ability to link SmartThings in the TuyaSmart Android app.