Best hubs to join Smartthings

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In order to be able to pair devices like tuya, Xiaomi, and other minor brands, is there some kind of universal hub I can get that can work together with my Aeotec smart home hub, or even with the ST app so I can connect more devices?
For instance, I bought an Aqara hub for some Aquara devices Aeotec can’t pair with, but there are some other devices (like Energeeks, tuya, Create, and even Xiaomi, etc etc) I can’t pair.


Not at this time.

The issue is that many individual home automation device manufacturers don’t simply use the independent third-party standards for Zigbee in particular, but also sometimes for Z wave. And with the exception of the new matter over Wi-Fi standard, there is no independent third-party standard for Wi-Fi home automation devices.

Consequently, there are multiple brands, such as Tuya, who add “manufacturer proprietary“ code to their messaging, making it very difficult to use these with other hubs.

Not always impossible, and in fact, smartthings is one of the best platforms for being able to add custom integrations, including for Tuya products.

So right now, the best hub for using with smartthings is a smartthings hub. Either the “works as a smartthings hub” from Aeotec if you need Z wave, or one of the other smartthings hubs that are either built into a Samsung device or the standalone smartthings station. That second group will support zigbee, matter over thread, and matter over Wi-Fi. But not zwave. And with both groups, you may be able to find custom code created by the community to add additional integrations. Again, tuya is a good example.

Here’s how you can find community created integrations:

New wiki page: Quick Browse Lists for Edge Drivers

Otherwise, you just have to be patient and hope that the matter standard takes off. If it does, we should get simple and easy integration with many additional brands, although it may require a “matter bridge“ for each brand you are importing. But we aren’t there yet, and there are no guarantees that Matter will deliver what we all hope it will. But the rollout so far has been slow and bumpy, so we will just have to wait and see.


Thank you so much JDR!
So for now the only platform where we can have all included and working side by side is Home Assistant, I suppose…

Home Assistant is good if you have a strong technical background. But again, most devices can be made to work with smartthings, one way or another. But it does require researching each individual model to see what’s possible.

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Ok thanks again