Tuya Smart Door Locks

Hello there,

Does anyone know if this kind of lock could work on Smartthings?


The model you linked to is the Wi-Fi version, so it would need to go through the Tuya app Integration. But I don’t know if that particular model is included, hopefully someone else will.

Here’s a discussion of how the tuya integration works

At the present time ST Automations appear to be able to handle the off-line scenes that get imported during the Tuya/SmartLife integrations. So you may not need to use WebCore or Sharp Tools.

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Thanks for the reply guys. I thought the one I linked was Zigbee.

Well, after some more digging apparently it is only wifi. :frowning:

Any recommendation of a good zigbee or zwave door lock that can be bought on Aliexpress?


They do make a Zigbee version, it’s just not that one.

This one seems to be the zigbee version.

Now the challenge is to figure if it is possible to pair directly with Smartthings and what capabilities are lost by doing that.

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