Tuya Smart does it work?

Your Tuya Scenes will be under Capabilities Group 2 / refreshable devices in the WebCore selection screen

Thanks Paul. that works! so I now have two virtual buttons in SmartThings to control the $9 Tuya Garage door control. One button opens the door and the other button closes the door.

My next step is to make a single button just like the remote garage door controls. Actuating the virtual button will open the garage door if it is closed, or close the garage door if it is open. In order to do that I think I need to know whether the door is closed or open. The Tuya device does have a magnet position sensor to determine whether the door is in the closed position. I am not sure if that information can be made available in WC but I’m working on it.

Thanks for all your help,


Glad to hear it works. After you do one of these integrations future ones are easy.

One switch should work. Use switch “on” to trigger open and “off” to trigger close.

Got it! It works. Now I am more confident to write some more complex integrations.

Thanks again.


You are welcome.

When I tried to create the Automation within SmartThings the Offline scene brought across was not able to be selected as an action

Probably my poor description thats all, have you tried creating the automation within the smart lighting automations ?? They should show up when choosing a device

In my defence smartthings no longer shows which automations are connected to each device, remembering and tracking down created automations is a nightmare

You can use they in WebCore.