Tuya Fingerbot smart button pusher integration

Hi ,
I’m looking for smart button pusher and switchbot is good but very expensive compare to tuya one .
Does anyone know if there is an integration to ST .
I see that ST has integration to tuya but not sure about the tuya hub (which I will buy ) or/and tuya smart button pusher .
Here is a link to it :

That’s a very interesting device, fairly new, I’m not sure I like the button angle as well as the SwitchBot but the push force (1.6 kg) is good.

The tuya product is being sold under many different brand names, as usual for them, including adaprax and Moes. It looks like they’re all just using the smartlife app for it, though.

It’s a Bluetooth device, so there’s no direct integration to smartthings. You would need to get some version of the tuya Bluetooth hub and then create scenes in the tuya app for it. You can then probably, although not guaranteed until somebody reports that it actually works, activate those scenes through the tuya/smartthings integration.

So there’s a possible integration, but I haven’t seen anybody verify yet that it actually works with this specific device. :thinking:

Thanks @JDRoberts .
Yeah, my intention is to use the hub and then integrate it .
Hope somebody will bought it already and can share his experience.

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