[Edge Driver] Tuya/Smart Life Bluetooth Fingerbot

Hello everyone,

I have recently bought a Bluetooth Fingerbot from Tuya/SmartLife and it only works when I’m home as it connects direcly to the phone bluetooth. I would like to directly connect the device to the Smarthings Hub so that I can trigger events even when I’m outside home.

This is the device: [https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/1005004648039511.html]

Is there any new Edge Driver that allow me to directly connect to the fingerbot using ST Hub ?

Thank you,

Unfortunately not because although there is a Bluetooth radio in the hub, it is only used for adding the hub itself, it is not available for communicating with IOT devices. So there’s just no way for an edge driver to talk to it.

You might consider getting an inexpensive Wi-Fi phone and leaving it plugged in at home if you’re going to use several of the fingerbots.

Thank you Robert for the quick answer.
Do you recomend any alternative fingerbot that could directly connect with the ST Hub ?

Thank you,

There aren’t any that I know of. All three of the fingerbot type devices currently on the market that I am aware of, Naran Prota, Switchbot, and Fingerbot are Bluetooth to their own mini hub, and then cloud to cloud to smartthings.

A few people have built their own tiny actuators using Zigbee, so those would work, but it requires significant maker skills, and you don’t save that much money.