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Hi, I have been searching for the solution for quite a while but I had to ask here.

I have a Tuya BLE fingerbot. It’s a rechargable robot for physical switch. It works great on Tuya Smart or Smart Life App. But what I want to do it is voice control via Galaxy Home Mini.

Because Tuya fingerbot does not support SmartThings, I was hoping if there is anything I can do to make this work. I saw some posts about integration using tap-to-run which didn’t work for me. The Tuya tap-to-run was imported successfully, but it does not run with an error saying the device is offline.

If anyone is still using this method and could guide me through this way I would be grateful.
If anyone could guide me through adding custom device or some sort that is also great. I hope there could be a way given control via Tuya Smart works and the protocol could be somehow reproduced in SmartThings app.

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