Fingerbot Mode Change on Samsung SmartThings?

so I have Samsung SmartThings Station and I’ve purchased one of those fingerbot from Aliexpress. The instruction from Aliexpress says I should be able to connect by Tuya app as the bot is zigbee compatible but no matter what I do, the Tuya app just couldn’t auto scan the device but somehow SmartThings was able to. So the issue I’m trying figure out is that as a default, the fingerbot presses and pulls back the arm back in one action, but I need to attach a rocker arm to it so the bot can turn on and off lights.

I see that in the Tuya app, it’s supposed to recognize this is an fingerbot and allow me to change the “mode” of the device but I can’t a way to do it on the SmartThings… any help?

To connect the Fingerbot to the Tuya App you would need a Tuya ZigBee hub.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo might be able to give you some pointers.

This device does not work with all its functions natively with smarthings. It need to add to a custom driver.

The manufacturer and model shown in the fingerprints is necessary.

You can view and copy them from advanced users.