Turning on lights at specified %?

Hi, I have been trying to figure out a routine to turn on lights at a specified % level and between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

Basically, this is for my bathroom so I can have a nightlight capability. Eventually, I would also like to tie this to a motion sensor so it only turns on during this time when I enter the bathroom and then turns back off.

Any suggestions?

Very easy. Just use the Smartapp Smart Lightning - everything build in what you want. Using it the same way you want at home for my bathroom (Marketplace -SmartThings Recommends - Smart Lighning)


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Is there a “SmartLighting” that will allow more control than 10% increments?

Use WebCoRE. You can set the level to anything you want.

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Also, if you REALLY want to get a bit crazy with the customization, check out the Rooms Occupancy Smart App :slight_smile:

This smartapp has made my brain hurt, but once I got over the pain it is insane how specific you can get


Perfect. Answers some other questions as well. I did not know that “Smart Lights” existed.

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This might be of interest as well:

JD, thanks. I’ll probably re-read the primer several more times…

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I want to set my lights at 1% by button press with local processing.

WebCoRE will let you set you lights to 1% or any other level you desire.

I currently have a WebCoRE piston that turns on my bedroom light to 1% when the good morning routine runs. Other lights on that routine turn on at the lowest setting in ST routines, which is 10%.

WebCoRE isn’t local.

The answer to this request would be “you can’t”.

Your best option is webCoRE which is going to be cloud based, but will allow you to set whatever percentage you want.

The only thing that you can build any Automations for in SmartThings directly and have them locally processed is Smart Lighting and that restricts you to the 10%.

You’re right it’s not local & I never said it was.

ST uses cloud commands.

You didn’t. But you responded to me specifically asking for something that would do this locally.

Anyway, I’ll just settle for 10% for now.

Pros and Cons to all of it within the ST world.

Personally, if you can get away with 10%, use Smart Lighting as this gives you a backup plan in certain downtime situations with the ability to still control lights within SmartThings via your Smart Lighting rules.

Just remember that when using Smart Lighting rules, ALL devices within the rule must be LOCAL Devices. If you setup a rule when Motion is detected that turns on a light, the Motion Sensor must be a device type that is local as well as the light (bulb) that you are turning on. If any device in Smart Lighting shows as Cloud in IDE under your devices, that Smart Lighting rule will be processed via the cloud. :slight_smile: