Lights on by illuminance & Off at Set Time

I have a motion sensor with illuminance sensor, what I want to accomplish is have my outside lights come on when it gets dark enough and then off @ midnight. I dont care about the motion part of the sensor right now. With smart lighting app I can set the lights to come on when the light level is X or lower. But there is no option when to turn them off. There is a setting under “more options” and I can set “only during a certain time” but that does not turn them off. Does anyone have any suggestions? I guess I could set the “only during a certain time” to midnight just so when I do turn the lights off it wont turn them back on cause it is still dark. Then do another Smart Lighting app and set a time to turn off the lights. But wish there was a smoother way.

Have you tried WeCoRE?


In Smart Lighting app, you can set the lights to turn on base on Illumination levels and limit by time.

I thought you could as well, but when I make a new Lighting Automation under Smart Lighting App using illumination level to turn on, I cant seem to find any place to turn the lights off. I have looked and looked maybe I am really over looking it.

lmosenko - Just tried it again with Smart Lighting App, I select turn on by illumination there is no way to set a time to turn off. However If I set to turn the lights on at a specific time then it gives me the option to turn them off at a specific time.

Here is what I just did in Smart Lighting:

This should work for you.


lmosenko, just to clarify when I set the Ending at Specific Time and set the End time for 12:30 it will then turn the light off? I guess I will try it and see. I thought that meant the illminance On feature would only work during those sets times that is why I was confused.

Thank you for your help I am going to try it and see.

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Please try and see if it works for you. I have something similar setup for my storage room. It has a small window, but when it is dark and you open the door, it will kick on the light when a contact sensor is tripped.

@wes1356 If the Smartlighting app works for you excellent. There is an alternative community developed app by @bangali called Rooms Manager which provides this capability and so much more.


Agree, but it will also make this run not Locally.

@lmosenko 100% correct, local processing has massive advantages and to me would be the first port of call, if available and provides the solution (which in this case, does just that).

Just wanted to provide a potential alternative option, which may or may not suit, which in this case looses local processing capability.

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does the device Weather Station 2.0 run locally? if not it would be interesting to check if one of the devices specified for smartlighting runs in the cloud … does the rest of it run locally or on the cloud? :slight_smile:


If any device (motion sensor, bulb, switch) in your Smart Lighting automation is cloud based, then the entire automation runs in the cloud. All or none.

DH - SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0 = Cloud

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thank you for the confirmation.

If anything in the automation is cloud based the entire automaotion is cloud based - you can validate this by going into the IDE > Home > Installed SmartApps


ahh nice. thanks for the tip.

So I tired what lmosenko suggested. My lights did come on when the LUX value lowered to my set number which was 100. I then set a End Time and once that time passed, it did not turn the lights off. I am pretty sure that time value is set so you can set a range when you want the lights to turn on based on the LUX value and also between a set time range value and not used to to turn off the lights. Anyways I then took the sensor inside to see if the lights would go off if the LUX value rased to above 100 LUX and they did not. I figured they would not either since the Lighting Automation under the Smart Lighting App does not have any options to turn off the lights once they are triggered by a illuminance/LUX value. Which is interesting since you cannot do a simple DUSK to DAWN setup or set a OFF time when you have the lights turn on from a illuminance/LUX value with just one Lighting Automation entry under the Smart Lighting App.

What I will have to do is have one Lighting Automation to turn ON my lights once the LUX value goes below 100 (which is almost Dusk with my sensor) then have another Lighting Automation to turn OFF my outside lights at 12:30 AM. I was just hoping to make it simple with only one Lighting Automation entry. I might look into some of the other suggestions and use the more advanced Smart Apps. But this should work for me for now I guess.

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for the kinds of capabilities and features you are expecting rooms manager works really well. at the end time you can have lights turn off. when lux goes above specified value it automatically turns off the light in the room and so on.

rooms manager works based on occupancy. occupancy is detected based on not just motion but a combination of motion, presence, switches, buttons, contact sensors and power values. based on occupancy state, mode, lux, date, time. humidity and day of week you can create rules to turn lights and other switches on or off. you can even execute routines to control ST scenes. or manage your temperature settings with occupancy.

the first room takes a little time to setup as you get used to this new concept of occupancy and what rules to create. but from there the next set of rooms and rules and the kind of control you can have on lights and other switches becomes incrementally easier.

if you do choose to give rooms manager a try and need any pointers with the setup please feel free to ping me.


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Thank you Bangali, for the information and offering to help me get Rooms Manager setup. I will have to look into this soon.

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Hi @wes1356,

If you don’t mind cloud automation, than you can just use CoRe rule machine to build a one rule for the light you want to control. I.e.,
Illumination is =<100
Time i range of Sunset to 12:30am
Driveway motion is Active
Turn On Driveway Light
Wait 5 Minutes
Turn Off

Else If
Illumination is >100
Turn Off Driveway Light

I use this for my Driveway automation in CoRe