Turning on Ensuite ceiling fan and lighting with movement/humidity

Hi. Very new here and would like a bit of guidance with the following.

I’m currently finishing off the ensuite with an LED tape light to the ceiling perimeter and an inline extractor in the roof space. I would like the lights to come on to a set brightness during a period (off after a time delay) and also set at a lower brightness during the very early hours. I would also like to get a censor to measure the humidity so it knows if just using the bathroom for toilet duties or having a shower, if the latter, then it will turn the extractor on.

One issue I have is that I don’t want a light switch on the wall, so all controlled from the censors/hub.

Firstly. Could you please advice on what censors and/or dimmers (UK market) - relays to use as most I’ve seen get wired into the switch back box? Also, is this easier to do in ST?

Thanks for the help with this, slowly learning ;o)

This is certainly something that can be done in SmartThings. You probably want too look at a device like the AEON multi-sensor which has motion and humidity (as well as some other sensors) combine in one. I’m not sure if they make a Europe one though. The NA version definitely uses a different frequency so you’ll need to check that out.

I think the light part can all be done with the built in SmartLighting app. I’m pretty sure you can set levels by time of day. So if you went with a motion sensor in the bathroom it would turn on when motion is sensed, but at level x if it was between 11:00pm and 6:00am (for example), but at level y if it was between 6:00am and 11:00pm.

Humidity controlling of the extrator would also be doable, but that might have to be a custom SmartApp. I know that one was written exactly for this purpose a while back. It was an example app that was done during a developer conference call, but I’m not sure if the code for that is still swimming around somewhere or not.

Chris. Thank you for the reply. I’ve ordered a few bits and will have a go at setting up at the weekend. I was getting confused with trying to use an actual switch in the wiring but looks like I don’t need to.

Now looking at the RBGW controllers but lets not run before I can walk!

Oh common on… where’s the fun in that? Honestly, if you were smart you’d turn around and run away right now! :slight_smile: You’re wallet will thank you.

I remember when I got ST I’d purchased about 6 devices to get started with and figured I’d see how that went before going too much further. Well, of course within a week I was planning the next dozen devices. Then I tried to break it into “phases” to budget things a bit more and slow myself down. Yeah… that isn’t work so good either.

Tell me about it, £400 spent yesterday on controllers etc, plus another £200 on LED striplights. Lucky I can hide some of this on business purchases.:sunglasses: