Automating En-Suite

Just want bit of advice before i purchase items to automate the ensuite.

At the moment i have light switch which switches on lights and an extractor fan. When lights switch off the extractor fan stays on for approx 2 minutes.

I have access to all wiring in the loft space.

What I want to do is put a fibaro dimmer onto the lights, and then a relay onto the extractor fan. I’m looking at an aeon multisensor for the ensuite.

So when motion is detected only the lights will come on. I want dimmer on this so, at night, lights will only come on low.

If someone has a shower and humidity increases I then want fan to come on until humidity drops below a certain level.

Does that sound feasible and is there anything I may be overlooking??

It depends on the exact wiring, but it sounds doable.

As far as the code goes, there are a number of different community-created smartapps that manage bathroom fans. It’s a popular use case.

Here is a simple one that only checks against humidity:

And this one is more complicated and also looks at motion. The thread has a detailed discussion of how the humidity readings work on the smartthings sensor, which might be helpful.

And for anyone who hasn’t worked with custom code in smartthings before, here’s the FAQ on that. :sunglasses:

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