Turning on a lamp when the TV is on (and turning it off when the TV is off)

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Very new with SmartThings - I just got a V3 hub. I just created a bunch of rooms and put all my Hue lights where they’re supposed to go (I was hoping I could sync the rooms from Hue to SmartThings, but no).
The first thing I wanted to try, was to turn on the lamps by the TV when it was on - I have an aging UE55JS8005XXE TV - I added it, but can only manipulate it when it has been turned on by the remote - I can’t turn it on in SmartThings? Also I cannot add the TV to a room?!
How would I go about turning on a lamp when the TV is on? The TV is not in the list when I try to add a scene :frowning:

Have you looked at automations? See if the TV shows up as a device. You could do something like:
TV = on AND 30 minutes before Sunset
Lights = on

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Even though I can control my TV through the ST app, it does not show up as a device - it might be too old for that :frowning: I’m afraid that I will not be able to incorporate the TV into any automations :frowning:

Some models you cannot turn on remotely, because they put their network adapter to deep sleep, Wakeup OnLan or WakeupOnWLan is not working neither.

Some models you can turn on if only connected by WiFi or by Ethernet, I cannot remember which one.

I use the custom DH called Ping switch to check that the TV is on. But you need to define the IP and the exact address where the TV has a running webserver with response to see when it is on and set the DH to poll the TV every minute for status.

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Another suggestion might be to pick up a ST plug and plug your TV into that. Then use an automation to fire the lights whenever the energy consumption goes up (ie when your TV gets turned on). Should be a cheap way to achieve what you’re looking for.


Good suggestions. Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:

The Ping switch, doesn’t require any investment but time to set it up.


There are some smart televisions which are only smart after they’ve been turned on. I don’t know if that is your situation or not.

I have a different model TV which has that issue. I added a SwitchBot mini IR blaster, which has an official smartthings integration. That lets me turn on the TV with an automation, and after that I use voice controls.

You do have to buy the extra device which usually costs about $40 depending on whether it’s on sale, so I don’t know whether you would be interested in that or not.

Anyway, if you do that the TV power button ( actually the SwitchBot) does show up in automations, so you can trigger off of it.

Here’s the discussion thread on that option. (The topic title is a clickable link)

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Exactly what I would do. Cheap, fast and easy.