Automating Lights in greatroom in conjunction with TV

(Elliot Justin) #1

Full disclosure, I have not made the jump into Smartthings yet, I am still trying to find a solution to the following use case:

My TV is mounted above the fireplace and catches a bit of glare from the lights in my guestroom (living room kitchen combo). What I would like is when I turn on the TV, the fan light turns off and dims the kitchen lights to 50%.

I found an insteon IR receiver that would accomplish this but it does not support any of the hubs and my preference is a z-wave solution since I have z-wave locks already.

This morning, I thought of using the Wemo Insight switch with IFTTT. When the switch registers higher wattage usage from the TV, it tells smartthings to run the scene and adjust the lighting. Has anyone done this either with ifttt or is there a native Zwave switch that can do this?

Option three which I just thought is with my Sonos Playbar. If the Sonos registers a source change to TV, it tells smartthings to run the scene. I am not sure this will work because the playbar usually defaults to TV. Any thoughts here?

(Nicholas Wilde) #2

The easiest solution that I can think of is similar to your IFTTT solution. You can us an Aeon Labs DSC24-ZWUS Smart Switch that monitors the power to your TV, then create a SmartApp that triggers your scene based on the power.

Try taking a look at the laundry monitor app as an example.

(Elliot Justin) #3


Perfect! Cheaper than wemo and native support. Thank you.

(Ben Edwards) #4

We should have a Harmony remote solution at some point too.

(Dave N) #5

That’s awesome news Ben. I’m on my second Harmony remote (One), wore out the first one we used it so much. It would be great to have ST access to the TV/Amp etc.

(Nicholas Wilde) #6

Has anyone attempted to remotely control new Samsung TVs with SmartThings? I’ve seen some hacking here and there with Python scripts.

(Greyson Morrow) #7

Great new @Ben! I have a few Harmony Ultimate remotes that I would like to see integrated. They currently work with my Hue lights but that’s it.

(Elliot Justin) #8


Good to know. Currently, I use the Logitech Harmony 650 which is IR only. I’ve been looking at the Harmony Ultimate for a long time.

(TG) #9

Amen to that! I have a Harmony One and 2 of the 650’s. WiFi connected IR receiver, I’m assuming?

(Nicholas Wilde) #10

It looks like there might be an app for the Samsung televisions. I am going to try it out and I will let you guys know what I find.