Turning off virtual switch when ST Home Monitor Security/Smoke/Leak is dismissed?

I have a virtual switch that is turned on via “Set Responses” in the ST Home Monitor when a security/smoke/leak event is triggered. This is working great.

However, is there any way to turn off this switch when any or all of these events are dismissed?


Not directly that I know of.

But you could write an automation to turn the virtual switch off when your Audible alarms are silenced if you have any.

You could even create a virtual alarm using @TAustin “vEdge Creator”, and us it being silenced to turn off your virtual switch.

Right, I actually did create a virtual alarm with the vEdge Creator, the problem is that within the Home Monitor options you have to set an “Alert Duration” thereby shutting off the virtual switch automatically rather than leaving it on until I actually dismiss the alert. I’m trying to keep the virtual switch on until I dismiss the alert.

Don’t set a duration in STHM and set the duration individually for each alarm device.
I can do that using settings for each alarm. If you don’t have that option you could do it with a routine.

You have to set a duration…there is no option to remove it.

Do it with a routine? Can you elaborate?

Ok do set STHM duration to the max (10 min) and do routine to silence alarms when wanted. Sample routine below;

Dumb question, in the new iOS app, are you referring to the smart app, custom monitoring?

If not, where are the actions for shm in the new app?

I do not see an action for leak in custom monitoring.

Thanks in advance

Yeah, still not exactly what I’m looking for. Was hoping to have the switch automatically get turned off after the alarm was dismissed by SHM. Thanks for the input.

No, I’m talking about the built-in ST Home Monitor. I’m using Android, so I can’t say where it is exactly for you, but it’s under the “SmartThings Home Monitor” on Android.