Easy STHM alarm management

It’s about a year since I did my research. Trying again now, but seems like Samsung has still not made any progress…

This is what I would like to do:

A button by my door.
When pressing it, the STHM is activated after 1 minute. This is quite a logical request. I want to arm the alarm system when I’m leaving home.
When double-clicking it, the STHM is deactivated. Again logically. I want to be able to quickly deactivate it before opening the door.

And of some insane reason, it seems still not to be possible?

I have a couple of virtual switches. It seems now that I can make it so that when I press the button, the virtual switch is turned on with a 1 minute delay, and when the virtual switch is turned on, the STHM goes active. The same way I can double click to turn the virtual switch off, and then the alarm goes inactive.

So far so good. It seems however that this whole system gets messed up when alarms are activated or deactivated using the app itself. I’ve tried to make automation so that when alarm goes deactivated, the virtual switch turns off etc, but seems not to do the job.

Is this concept really so much of a problem, or is there some easy solution I’ve not seen?

First - model your virtual switches after the ones listed in this workaround for action tiles:
How to use new SmartThings Home Monitor with ActionTiles / ActionTiles Knowledge Base / AT Support & Ideas THis handles synchronizing a set of three V-switches with the three STHM modes. Once its done make sure the switches work and stay in sync before proceeding (I use this exact method for synching STHM to a lot of other things in my setup

Then use your automations in the manner you’ve described above but point them at the relevant switches.

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its much better these days and after creating the virtual switches, i now have boughtn aeotec nanomote which i can use as a physical arm and disarm for the alarm modes in additon to my virtual phone presence sensors. i give them to family mebers when i am away or trades persons and they work a treat