Turning an android device into an always-listening voice remote! (requires you own firetv or echo)

ok this is pretty simple really. Amazon recently released the ability of people to integrate Alexa into their own apps. This of course has led to other apps that behave exactly like Alexa does (although some media integration such as Tune-in do not function). I have both a fire tv and an Echo. I discovered that owning the Echo allowed me to control my Hue lights from my Fire tv, which it can not do on its own. So, having recently learned Java, i set out to create my own. I discovered though that other people had beat me to it!

The “Alexa Listens” app (google play) not only could be installed on your Android remote for your house to give you Alexa in every room, it is also configurable to work either from a button press or always-on, and the wake word or phrase is customizable! The best part? I don’t have to be on my home network for it to work! Amazon is smart enough to route the signal to the Echo in my kitchen when i tell it “turn off john’s lamp”. Having recently tried making an IVEE work for voice control (it no longer will even authorize my hue lights and it keeps forgetting my harmony routines), that device is relegated to sleep-sound generating. However it has good speakers and a line-in, and the wake word is customizable…
Imagine stripping the worthless guts from that clock and installing a phone (with tuner) and always-listening Alexa! An attractive bedside clock that actually effing works like you expect! I may actually try to make this work since i own two ivees…

I hope this gives you guys some ideas on home remote control.


Interesting. I have a a FireStick, and a spare Android phone - to be clear, are you suggesting that I can get Alexa integration without having any additional hardware? So even my dedicated SmartTiles tablet can ‘listen’ and control my hue bulbs etc?

The microphone is the most important part of the voice control. I got a tablet on the wall (nexus 7) and it wont hear me from 10-15 feet away. While Amazon Echo will hear you loud and clear.

Got it. Thanks for the tip, I’ll give this a try later today!