Power outlet Harmony hub and Echo

Hi all,

Wonder if this would work.
I have not yet purchased any Smartthings, but would like to know if this would be possible before I do.
I use the Amazon Echo. For info it works really well.

I quite often use the Echo, whilst the television is on. My problem is that whilst the Echo hears my commands. However I find it difficult to hear its response, without first muting the television. (I am a little deaf).

What I would like to do is purchase the Smartthings Hub and power outlet - I understand that is can act as an Energy monitor. Also purchase the Harmony hub.

The scenario would be that when I talk to the Echo. As it lights up - it draws additional power. Have the Smartthings hub / power outlet recognize this and then send a command to the Harmony hub to “mute” the television, when the lights go out after it has finished speaking (reduced power back to a steady state), then send a command to “Un-mute” the television.

I would appreciate any comments.

Best wishes.


I am not so sure hat would work as the additional power draw would be very low. One thing you could consider is getting a fire tv with a voice remote. This would let you hold it close to your mouth and get the same results as an Echo for $49. To do what you are thinking you would need to get something (harmony does not send individual commands via smartthings) that would mute the TV for you.

I agree I would just get the voice remote. I have one for my echo and it works great.

Thank you both. I will look into this. I am in the UK, so I don’t think I can get the Echo remote. Can you pair the Fire remote to an Echo?

Best wishes.

Fire TV has Alexa built in now… you don’t need an Echo technically.

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