Turn on smart plug if home internet drops off?

Is there a way to have a smartplug turn on if I lose connection at home? I have it set up to run a macro to send me a notification if the hub goes online and to activate my mobile hotspot so the hub can run off of it. I have a mini router that is plugged into the hub and is powered by a smartplug.

Sure, this is a very common request and there are already eight or nine threads in the forum about it.

You just can’t do it with anything involving smartthings. :wink: that’s because it would require custom code and all custom code runs in the cloud.

Instead, there are a number of different smart plugs sold for exactly this purpose. Most of them are Wi-Fi and ping a specific website at regular intervals. If they don’t get through to that website, then they reboot themselves. Very simple and works well.

See the following thread:

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Just thought of something, the smartplug I’m using is not connected thru smartthings, but thru the smartlife app and alexa