Reset Internet Modem when internet is down

My cable modem has frustratingly been needing to be rebooted every few days. Of course it happens when I’m not home so has to wait until I get home to manually unplug it and plug it back in.

I’d like to create a routine for a smart plug. Some sort of routine that when it senses that the internet is down (i.e. the hub goes offline), it will turn that smart plug off and then back on for my internet modem.

This would obviously need to be a locally executed routine as cloud would obviously not work if the internet isn’t working and needing a modem reboot.

Any suggestions as to what I could use as an “if” trigger that would execute this locally???

There are smart plugs designed for exactly this purpose. They don’t have any integration with smartthings, but most people don’t find they need that. What they do is on a set interval ping a specific website (with some of them you can pick the website to be pinged). If the ping fails a couple of times in a row, they turn themselves off and then back on again. They work very well for this.

Some offer additional features for a subscription, you probably won’t need those.

Some always ping their own cloud, which means if the company goes out of business, the plug won’t work anymore, so just something to be aware of.

Here are a few popular ones

One of the current best sellers at Amazon:

Fancy model with a lot of different options, including multiple timer cycles:

One of the oldest, this one comes in different models for different geographic regions:

My personal favorite is also the most expensive, but it has two outlets and lots of configurable options, as well as the ability to pick your own five websites to ping.

I’ve always bought mine from the 5G store, but there does appear to be a similar model available on Amazon, with the same advanced features, including two independent sockets and the ability to select your own ping targets, in case you prefer Amazon shopping:

You do get notifications from most of these, and you might be able to use those to trigger ST events, but that gets more complicated.


This is amazing!!!
Not sure how I didn’t know such a device didn’t exist!

Honestly I love that this solution doesn’t rely on smartthings…that just seemed like it would have a lot of room for things to go wrong.

Thank you!!!

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I use that Keep connect from the list above and can recommend it. I have a weekend house 300 miles away and the router hangs often enough to be a bother. A simple reboot usually fixes it and the Keep has gotten things going again within minutes at least once a month.

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I ordered the Keep about 10 minutes after JDR’s responce above. Already have it hooked up.

I’m stoked about this solution and also a little bummed I didn’t know about this earlier.

Once again…this forum is awesome!