Turn on Samsung TV UE55K5510 without harmony

just searched the forum without finding a good answer:
Why smartthing app can’t turn on TV while it can command it (with virtual remote) when it is on?
Does TV disconnect from WiFi when switched off?


Exactly. The power is off, the wifi radio is off too. Wifi is a big power consumer. The IR receiver is almost zero.

mine has been rock solid but tonight I have 3 hubs one with a remote and it is acting sluggish. The others control AC and heaters upstairs and they are not working. when I send an on command all I get in the IDE is Null


You have 3 hubs? And one with a remote? What are you talking about?

sorry clicked the wrong thread I guess. i have 3 harmony hubs

What about Lan?
Can I turn it on if it is connected with Lan?

I don’t think so. It doesn’t have a wake on lan feature.

Wake on lan does work. I wrote a guide on how to turn on the tv using wake on lan.

WOL only works when your device is connected through a wired connection. Otherwise it would have to have the wifi radio on when it’s powered off. And that wouldn’t work.

It’s working for me on wifi.

WOL doesn’t work for PCs over Wifi. When they’re asleep their wifi radios are off. So, your TV wifi radio is on 24/7? That doesn’t seem right to me. When i power off my TV i want the power OFF.

By default the TV goes into sleep mode and doesn’t power off completely. You can change those settings though under Eco I believe.

@sapman I could use your help if you’ve figured this out. I have two samsung smart TVs a QN55Q7CAM and UN65MU9000. Bought samsung smartthings when I saw the tread and your instructions so I wouldn’t have to get two logitech harmonys. I tried your shortcut for both TVs and it doesn’t work. Any troubleshooting advice? I followed your instructions to a T. I would love to get it to work! thanks in advance

@sapman Hello from Spain. I’ve followed the tutorial and doesn’t work for me. The Mac Address is in capital letters and with colons “:”.
“Can’t connect to device”