Turn on Fan (switch) when Samsung WiFi Cooktop is turned on?

I did not work here until March, 2020, but my impression is that early on (acquisition of ST → late 2019) this was somewhat disjointed, different parts of Samsung were basically putting together their own implementations for their devices and adding them into SmartThings. This is now being standardized around a capabilities-based model and going forward (and already) should be much more seamless. We are talking about a 2018-model Cooktop in this case.

The scenario you describe with the Washer should be entirely possible natively in the future (getting energy usage and cost data, Ralf hints at this in this CE Pro article) and is already mostly possible on any recent Washer models (start washer remotely is an option).

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I have probably a 2018 Washer, the one with the Add Wash function. The integration was through Samsung Smart Home originally as being a Samsung product.

Setting the Washer to remote only by a button should have rang a bell before buying. But the concept and features are a hit and miss.
The washer reports states only, great, but cannot be controlled unless it turned on. The special features cannot be added to programs like the Bubble Wash. And if you arrive late home and someone started the washer from the panel, the extra spinning to avoid wrinkles cannot be turned on, and not available from the panel, but from the remote control option from the app. It is really illogical.
The fridge is similar. The only feature which is really missing is to set the fridge remotely to Vacation Mode. Again, the only feature which would be really reasonable as a remote function.
The vacuum works. Really no issue there. The only weird accessory to that one is the virtual barrier, which would be some sort of light barrier, but there is no instruction for the device how to place it and what directions it projects the light.

The pre 2018 Integrations are more of a disappointment, especially the TVs, they just generally disappearing release by release or firmware update by firmware update.

Still it seems like that Samsung owns the platform but unable to synchronise development between product lines. (TVs, Smart Watches, Home Appliances etc.) The merge of the multiple apps worked, but meanwhile the single app has grown that big, that is unbearable. On my phone it is 700+ MB, but used to be at some point close to 900 MB.

Hi @Zac_Henson ,
I am looking to do exactly the same thing - when a burner is ON, turn on the vent.
Did you already figure out how to do this? Can pls you share any info

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For everyone who’s looking for automating this, I was able to put the stove on Smartthings outlet and trigger automation based on energy usage. <1.9watts is idle power, >1.9w is when one of the burner is ON. I have the range hood on another zwave outlet, so I turn ON range hood, when burner is ON. When stove is OFF, range good goes OFF after 10 minutes. :slight_smile: