Turn off ZigBee


I would like SmartThings to add the ability to turn on/off either the ZWave or Zigbee radios. I understand that one of the advantages of SmartThings is that it supports both. However I don’t have any ZigBee devices and it is interfering with my 2.4gHz Wifi, so I would like to turn off the ZigBee functionality. This seems like a reasonably simple software update.

Is their any support in the community for this?


I believe you can disable the Z-wave radio but not the Zigbee radio. Not 100% on this.



thanks Cameron, if they allow one turning off it would make sense to offer the other was well!

If you log on to the online IDE and got the hub tab. Then select hub preferences you can see the options there.

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thanks, yes I can see these settings now, but only for ZWave

You can always change the channel of your Wifi to not interfere with the zigbee channel of your hub.

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Thanks, yes I have done this but it hasn’t solved the problem, entirely.


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Seems to me you may need a better router. Usually your router would interfere with your Zigbee network, depending on what channels you are using, not the other way around.

May I recommend an Free Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pzolee.wifiinfo