Turn off light switch after a few seconds? (Power Allowance has a minimum of 1 minute)

Hi, I have used a light switch connected to a relay to control my garage door. However in order for it to work i need to switch off the switch a second or so after it is turned on. Is there a way to do this? Smart Lighting power allowance is no help as it has a minimum time of 60 seconds. I want to avoid using a more complicated platform like WebCore if possible as I am a new user and would like to stick to Smartthings Classic for as much as possible. Cheers

The official features all have a minimum of one minute because between mesh and the cloud you can’t really guarantee anything faster than that. So most people who want to try a faster command sequence do use Webcore. Just be aware that there may be times when the message is bouncing around the mesh and it won’t get through in your requested time period.


Thanks for the advice. I will most likely have a play with Webcore eventually once I have a little more experience

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I think you’re going to have an issue with such a short time between on and off. Cloud delays could mean the off arrives prior to the on. I experienced this automating a curtain motor. Anything under 10-15 seconds was not reliable.

IMO a better way is to use a module with a programmable timer function such as the Fibaro ones. the FGS-212 if you need a dry contact or FGS213 if your relay can can handle mains voltage. That way all you do is send an ‘on’ and the ‘off’ happens automatically based on the module setting.


Thanks, looks like I may have to settle for 1 min for now