Turn off motion sensor light within seconds

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So I tried researching this on a forum but couldn’t find a single post related to this. So I have a SmarThings motion sensor setup in our bathroom and linked to a Philips Hue light. Turning the light on with the motion sensor is fine, it’s setup with an automation with a Smart Lighting rule.

Here’s the question how do I have the lights turn off after say 10 or 15 seconds? The minimum time allowed to turn the lights off after no motion is 1 minute. It seems like a huge oversight that the light need to remain on a full minute after motion has stopped.

Any ideas?

The one minute limit is based on the reality that any mesh network, including the zigbee and Z wave that SmartThings uses, does not provide forced sequencing and messages can and do bounce around the network a little bit. So there’s really no way to guarantee that a limit of under a minute will actually happen. Particularly when you throw cloud latency into the mix.

Core will allow you to schedule events with just a few seconds in between, but again, there’s no guarantee that will actually work every time. But you can try it and see.

There’s also the question of the minimum reporting period for inactivity for that particular device, and to be honest, I’m just not sure what that is. But you would need to check that as well.

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You will find that there is likely a 2-3 minute delay before your motion sensor actually reports motion has stopped. So the purpose of the delay is if it is turning off too soon.

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On some of my motion I have it set to zero minutes delay on off, and with the Iris Motion sensors it is about a 30 second reset time, so the light stays on about 30 seconds total.

If you want less than the reset time your only option is Core. I tried it but the delay in starting the light was around 5 seconds and you still have to wait for the reset unless you want to blindly turn it off after 15 seconds regardless of motion.