Turn lights on with proximity/sunset, then off after 20 minutes, without power allowance?

hi there, trying to figure out a problem… basically i have my outdoor lights controlled three ways:

1] motion sensor at front door turns them on, then off after 10 minutes, but only after sunset
2] they can be turned on/off manually from the switch or through the app, and power allowance turns them off after an hour
3] when i arrive home, proximity turns them on, only after sunset –

the issue is, i want the 3rd option to turn off after 20 minutes [not 60 with power allowance], without affecting the other options.

so basically what it seems i need is a smart lighting app that has proximity, sunrise/sunset setting, AND a “turn off after x minutes” timer.

does such a thing exist?

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I am a few steps behind you on setting up. I am just setting things up. How do I set it up so that my lights turn on only at sunset? I do have it set up where it turns on when I arrive. It’s annoying having to turn everything off. I also would like the outdoor lights to turn off after 10 minutes after arriving. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You can do all these with the build in smart lights apps. Instead of power allowances. You can install multiple instances.

This is what I did, I am not sure it will work yet. I created a profile/routene ‘lights off’, turn off these light switches, sunrise or someone arrives, 10 minutes after sunrise. Does this sound correct?

AND is for custom apps, is very rare in ST world. You could follow this link. The new ‘rule’ app will soon rule ST…