Turn Arlo Camera’s Motion Dection ON/Off per Presence?

Anyone know how to do this.

I have an Arlo camera connected to the ST hub. Any one know of how to create a rule to basically turn off /on per presense? If presense “home” turn off Motion dection on camera (Arlo). Im sure this is basic in nature, however I am unable to figure it out.

Thank you for your time

Might want to take a look at [RELEASE] ArloPilot - Enhanced Arlo System Integration

The4 following will do what you want. Just make sure you read the thread. There are 2 corrections you have to do to the code to get it to work. I think the original author is no longer updating it.

After the corrections and setting it up on the Arlo side it works great. I have my inside cameras turn off when someone is home.

Thank you both, I’ll take a look.