My Ecobee Init HTTP Status 500

I have been using the MyEcobeeInit SmartApp created by @yvesracine for quite a while now. Just recently I noticed that the thermostat (ecobee EB-STAT-02 Smart Thermostat) through SmartThings has not been operating properly. When I looked at the SmartApp it says that, “You are connected.” When I click next it would show that I have my thermostat connected.

I started to try and figure out what is going on by looking at the Activity Feed. In there I found messages titled “My ecobee ############” with a message “refresh_tokens> Auth error”.

With that information I went back to the SmartApp and tried to log in again. I entered my username and password and was presented with the “Authorize App” screen. After clicking accept I am always presented with a “HTTP Status 500” page. I click done and I am taken back to the MyEcobeeInit SmartApp. After reviewing a response by @yvesracine to this post, myecobeeInit not showing thermostat to select, I clicked next to choose my thermostat. That list remains empty and I am unable to select a thermostat.

My next step was going to be to uninstall the MyEcobeeInit SmartApp and re-publish it. When I click Uninstall, I receive a message in a redbox at the top of SmartThings that reads “deleteObserver onError: %s”

I know what a 500 error is, but I don’t understand why I can’t uninstall the SmartApp. Any suggestions on how to fix this is appreciated.

Thank you,

Hello @kaminskico,

Please look at the troubleshooting section under the new ST Community wiki (items 6 & 8):

First, I’d recommend to update to the latest code at github as I suspect that your version is a bit outdated.

My Ecobee Device

Refer to

There have been a lot of changes to my code since the beginning of the year to notify users about
any issue with the ST - ecobee connection.


Thanks @yvesracine. You absolutely correct, item 8 was what I was missing. I should have figured that out but the error I was receiving was very cryptic.

I removed the old code and added the updated code. Everything looks good. Now to see if the ecobeeResumeProg works properly when my wife gets home…