Trying to turn my analog dryer smart

I use the the Aeon Home Energy Meter for this. I have one clamp on the dryer and one on washer. Unfortunately I don’t think they are available new any more(???). Some on ebay but little pricey…

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Try this SmartApp with the multipurpose sensor.

It was originally in the SmartThings public repo, but I have added recently some announcement feature.

I hope this would work for you.

I installed it and am giving it a try! I’ll let you know! Looks like it will already be better than the , “wait 5 minutes” rule I’ve instituted using

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How did you hook this up? I have one but don’t use it.

I have it installed inside my electrical circuit breaker box. If you aren’t familiar with this, you should have an electrician install it. It is simple to do but you cannot turn off the mains inside this box. I put one clamp on each line, one for washer one for dryer.

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