Trying to make a automation for interior lights

I know I missing something here it’s has to be simple but I can’t see it.

What I’m trying to do is make a automation with I’m Back routine where the living room lights come on when we come home that all works along with doors unlock and change to home mode BUT what I’m trying to do is make it where the living room lights don’t come on durning the broad day light hours another word I have a 70yo house and durning the present heat wave of over a 100 degrees I really don’t want the living room lights to come on just something to generate more heat. When I first made this routine it worked great for NOT TRIPPING OVER THE FOUR LEGGED THING’S RUNNING AROUND THE LIVING ROOM IN THE DARK. It’s been working great well I want to modify it to when we come home at night to turn them on and NOT durning the day. So here the problem you have your time schedule in the IF and you have your THEN do below how do I get them together so it looks at hey it 60 minutes before sunset turn lights on because right now.

So this is what I have. I don’t think this will work notice the time is the first thing is the time so. Im thinks that after that runs and it’s not 60 minutes before sunset it will stop running or will it continue to run? BUT notice the light auto is at the very bottom so I’m thinking regardless of what time it is it’s still going to come on so I know it has to be simple BUT I just can’t see how to make it happen. I even have scene made but can’t figure how to put time and scene together to make it work. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

I would change the time to use the period of time. Select night, then change the start time to 60 mins before. This sets it as a precondition.

As your routine is written, it will only execute when Location mode Away AND phone is home. You may need to look at this if it doesn’t execute as expected.

Is there a limit to how many Routines you have I have 20 Routines right now?

It used to be 200 but they raised it (to 1000 I think).

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Then I’ll set that up I thought it was 20. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the help.


You’re correct Terri. 20 was the limit of number of rooms. Don’t know if that’s still a thing though.


Yes I guess I read it wrong I setup another routine just for the lights the only problem is we don’t stay up long enough to see if it works. We’re in bed before 7:00 both of us have to get up early Wife at 1:00am me at 4:00am.

I have an interesting question if one routine runs and the home goes from Away to Home will other routines still run? So what I’m wondering is the routine runs to unlock doors and switches from Away to Home and my lighting routine is at the bottom of the list setup to run if it’s still in Away mode or do I need to move it up above the I’m Back routine or does it make a difference.

It does not make a difference

K. Well we finally got to check out the automations I made just to turn on lights to keep from tripping over kitty’s in living room. We went to see “The Book of Mormon” so we didn’t get home until 10:30 at night the last time we’ve been out since the last show we went to “Lion King”. So needless to say it was a failed the automation the doors unlocked BUT the lights were a NO GO! This is what I have for kitty light automation.

And this is suppose to run after the I’m Back automation and here it is.

So I think the problem it the time issue so yes it would have worked IF we were home before sunset BUT seeing how we didn’t come home way until after sunset it didn’t know what to do. NOW YES I could added it to the I’m Back auto and I didn’t have it that way for years BUT I’m. like I said before trying to keep the heat generation down from unwanted lighting coming on, and I don’t need the lights to come on or during broad daylight.

Any help would be appreciated

You need yo use a period of time like sunset to sunrise with any needed offsets.

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Let me try that. Stupid Me. Didn’t even pay attention to that IF part. DUH!!! Thank You. I’ll keep y’all informed. Thanx for all the help that’s why I come here.

Paul. I think that may work. I’m just trying to make it
Where we don’t trip over the 20 little legs ( excluding Us ) we have running around the living room in the dark. Thanx. Even though that’s their main objective to make us fall we would rather not.

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