Need help with lighting

So I’m trying to make my lights come on with the arrival of each member of the family. So currently I have it setup when one person comes home during away mode, the mode changes to home and all the lights come on in the house after sunset. I cant seem to find a way to have the lights come on each time a member of the family comes home after sunset.

any ideas?

Are you doing this with a routine or with the smart lighting wizard?

I’m using it with the smart lighting.

Have you registered a different presence sensor for each member of the family?

If so, assuming you’ve already installed smart lighting once from the marketplace, to add a new automation:

Tap on the four little squares icon to open the rooms view

Select smartapps

Select smart lighting. This will open the wizard and you can create your new automation.

You should be able to select the presence sensors that you want to trigger off of, and use “more options” to specify a timeframe:

So you install smart lights for the very first time in the marketplace.

After that, if you want to add a new automation, you go to the rooms view icon, then smart apps, then smart lighting.

If you want to change an automation you already created, open rooms view, choose Things, find a device that is associated with that automation, click on its name to open up its details page, click on “smart apps” there, and then click on the name that you saved the automation under and you’ll be able to make changes.

Or was that not the question?

Thanks I’ve set up two smart lighting scenes one for my wife and I. I’m going to test them tonight to see if both activate even if someone is already home.